Min. 5 Boxes: Le Boîte Mixte

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Set 5 Boxes/set

*The quantity is shown per box with minimum purchase of 5 boxes. 
Contact us if you want to purchase MORE THAN 5 boxes.

Surprise Bite truly surprises people at its best!

We give you the best kind of sweet tooth experience as you enjoy every bite of these mini tarts with each flavour explode in your mouth; 

Note: May contain traces of nuts and allergy ingredient.


Max 3 Flavours/Box

The flavours of your macaron will be determined by the colour chosen. Each shade has its own specific flavour. If you would like to have a particular macaron flavour, kindly be informed that the colour will be as listed below and not according to the chosen colour palette. In short, customers are only able to choose either the macaron colour OR the macaron flavour.


Shades of Nude & Basic

  • Off White - Vanilla With Salted Caramel
  • Sand - Hazelnut With Nutella
  • All Shade of Gray - Tahini
  • Black - Dark Chocolate With Almond Praline
  • Pecan Pie - Vanilla Pecan With Salted Caramel
  • Café Au Lait - Salted Caramel Machiatto

Shades of Purple  

  • Very Grape - Earl Grey With Blueberry
  • Purple Lace (Orchid Petal) - Tiramisu
  • Lilac (Light Purple) - Lemon With Blueberry
  • Mauve Mist - Pistachio With Raspberry

Shades of Pink

  • Barbie Pink - Chocolate With Raspberry
  • Rose Gold - Raspberry Frambonosa
  • Bublegum (Sweet Lilac) - Apple Pie
  • Blush (Hashed Violet) - Victoria

Shades of Peach

  • Old Brick - Chocolate With Orange Curb
  • Peach (Light) - Creamy Orange With Mango
  • Pale Dogwood - Peanut Butter & Jelly

Shades of Yellow

  • Pastel Yellow - Passionfruit Mangonosa
  • Marigold (Egg Yellow) - Vanilla Apricot

Shades of Red

  • Burgundy Red - Chocolate Vanilla Marble
  • Holiday Red (Light) - Cookies & Cream
  • Coral (Light) - Passion Fruit With Strawberry

Shades of Green

  • Chive (Deep Green) - Pistachio
  • Minty Light Green - Expresso With White Rose
  • Sage (Light) - Pandan Kaya
  • Olive (Dusty Green) - Thai Green Tea With Chocolate

Shades of Blue

  • Navy (Deep Blue) - Hazelnut Cappucino
  • Powder Blue - Vanilla Chocolate Latte
  • Sky Blue (Light) - Milk Tea With Biscoff
  • Jade Blue (Deep Blue Turquoise) - Swirl Chocolate With Peanut Butter
  • Turquoise (Light) - Lemon Strawberry
  • Size of the Box: (L) 7 inches x (W) 3.5 inches

The quantity is shown per box with minimum purchase of 5 boxes.

  • Macarons - 3
  • Chocolate Praline - 2
  • Chocolate Truffle - 3

Please Note: Describe your desired colour or use our colour #CODE upon your check out. B&S Colour Palette

  • Please keep your chocolate items in an air-tight container, in the fridge or out of direct sunlight. Our chocolate items will keep well for up to 1 week.