Bridgerton | Royal Garden

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This exquisite cake, inspired by the Royal Garden in Bridgerton, is a breathtaking tribute to elegance and natural beauty. The pristine white frosting serves as a canvas for an abundance of delicately crafted flowers in soft pastels, evoking the lush and romantic ambience of the queen's garden. Each bloom is meticulously placed to create a cascading effect, giving the cake an organic and enchanting appearance. The subtle texture of the frosting mimics the gentle, windswept look of petals in a royal garden. this cake embodies the serene and refined charm of Bridgerton's opulent outdoor spaces, making it a perfect centrepiece for any elegant celebration.

**Allergy Warning: This product may contain Nuts, Eggs, Gluten, and Dairy Products.


1. Chocolate Cake + Browned Butter Creamcheese + Salted Caramel
2. Lemon w Fresh Blueberry Cake + Earl Grey Cremeux
3. Greek Yogurt Cake w Fresh Raspberry + Vanilla Raspberry Buttecream
4. Vanilla Cake + Vanilla Infused w hint of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Buttercream + Honey Graham

  • Every cake is individually styled, ensuring that each one is unique; NO TWO CAKES ARE IDENTICAL. The images displayed are solely for our reference and inspiration.

Packaging: Transparent Cake Box as medium for transportation.

Included: Regular Cake Knife (1) & Regular Candle (1)

  • Our cake is best enjoyed slightly chilled (20°C-24°C).
  • If you plan to serve it on the day of delivery, store it in an air-conditioned area (at 16°C-19°C) and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If you choose to refrigerate the cake, allow it to sit at room temperature for approximately 30-40 minutes before serving to ensure a soft texture and creamy frosting.
  • Consume within 3 days for the best experience.

Additional requests are available with associated charges. For assistance, kindly get in touch with our customer representative.