Must Try

Durian Delight (Available Only On Monday And Thursday)

RM 88.00


Brown & Sugar  x  The Lady Gloom

Durian lovers are going to love this unique cake that screams Malaysia! In collaboration with The Lady Gloom, we have concocted a fluffy sponge cake that is laced with a flavor that is near, and dear to the hearts of many Malaysians. In fact, we dare say that this cake with change the minds on non-Durian lovers. This seasonal product, however, is only available every Monday and Thursday!

Type of Durian : D24


Standard Size - 12-inch Rectangle Cake with approximately a height of 2.3 inches. The cake can be sliced up to 12 servings.

Care Instruction

Please ensure to always store your Durian cake in a chilled area, for up to 7 days, and do keep out of direct sunlight, and the freezer.

To preserve freshness, please plastic wrap the bakery box or transfer to an airtight container.

Our Durian cake is best served chilled.